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Harmonic Egg Energy Healing Sessions - $40 Off!

Harmonic Egg Energy Healing Sessions - $40 Off!

Realign Your Life Wellness Center provides energy healing with the Harmonic Egg. We are opening December 9, 2021, but you can Pre-Book your Harmonic Egg Session now! 

The Harmonic Egg is a resonant chamber that uses sound and colored light to detoxify and bring your body back to homeostasis. The Harmonic Egg also creates the perfect environment for deep relaxation and promotes internal alignment. A series of sessions can reset the autonomic nervous system and activate your body's own natural ability to balance, restore, and heal itself. 

You will recline in a zero-gravity chair within the chamber, and become enveloped in highly-resonant music and colored light. The session lasts 50 minutes (40 minutes of music and 10 minutes of silence to help integrate the energy healing). 

Sessions are regularly priced at $125, but you can book your session for just $85 during Grand Opening, which goes through January 22, 2022.

Gift Cards also available for Holiday Gift Giving! Book your session at

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