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Lighthouse Flower Shop

Lighthouse Flower Shop


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Lighthouse Flower Shop has been a proud part of Mesa History since 1958, but way back then they were called Griffin's Flowers. Their story actually begins in Presque Isle Maine, way up near the Canadian border, in the mid-1950's. Their Founder, Hope Griffin, was born and raised there (though her son Colby will actually tell you they were from Parkhurst Siding, a small suburb of Presque Isle). Maine is a much colder climate than out here in the Sonoran Desert, so, in 1958, despite the booming Griffin Brother's Taxi Service Hope's husband Harold and his brother Van were running, they migrated west, landing in the little town of Mesa, Arizona. Hope reopened her flower shop that she had started back in Maine, and her brother-in-law Van opened Griffin Brother's Construction right across the parking lot where they still are today. In 1972, Hope retired from the business, passing it on to her daughter-in-law Ruth, who ran the shop until she herself retired in 2009 (but she still does deliveries and helps here and there around the shop today!) Hope passed away in 1991. Today Lighthouse is run by Lisa, Ruth and Dale's daughter, and she's helped out by her daughter Zoe. They are proud to continue their family's legacy and continue on the history of this city; and they would love to help you with any flower needs you have. Even though its true they stopped doing weddings, they can steer you over to one of our closest friends Dawn (An Elegant Affair--you can find her on Wedding Wire).

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