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Promote your business to tens of thousands of unique visitors each year. options for dynamic ad placement for static ad placement (you own that space).

Smart Promotion
Placing an ad on the website is a great way to build brand, share sales information or inform visitors of information you want them to have.

  • Gain access to tens of thousands of unique visitors to the Mesa Chamber website
  • the Chamber audience is VERY interested in doing business with other Chamber members.
  • Ads are available in terms of 6 months or 1 year.
  • Receive unlimited impressions of your ad for the chosen period
  • This ad appears on EVERY page of the Chamber website, meaning you reach your target audience visiting the Calendar, the Directory and every other web page.
 About this ad:
This banner would be located at the left of the Mesa Chamber Website, shown here inside the red box:
  • Banner size is 330x150 pixels, appear in right column of the Chamber website for all pages EXCEPT the home page.
  • The first space in the column is dynamic, meaning it is shared by multiple advertisers. All other spaces are static, meaning that is the ONLY ad that will appear in the space during the advertising term.
  • All ads should be at least 72dpi
  • Sizes as specified in page details.
  • File formats accepted: .jpg, .png. .pdf .gig
  • Due Dates for creative determined at Time of Purchase.

Additional Requirements

  • Client is responsible for designing Ad copy.
  • Client must be an active Chamber member with current dues paid at the time of order.

Additional Information on Dynamic Ads

  • Banner rotates in formation will all other banner's purchased for that location.
  • Performance will vary based on the number of Banners in rotation at an given time.
  • Banner receives unlimited impressions during the showing period.
Follow Up
On completion of your purchase, the Chamber Director of Communications will reach out to you to confirm timelines and eligibility.
$99.00 - $2,000.00
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