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Advanced Eyecare of Arizona

Advanced Eyecare of Arizona




Practice of Dr. Benjamin C. Yanofsky, O.D., F.A.A.O. and Dr. Ronald E. Newth, O.D., providing eyecare based on cutting-edge technology and training, along with the use of ultra-modern ophthalmic materials, including the most up-to-the-moment contact lens designs.

They diagnose and treat such eye-related problems as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, dry eyes, convergence insufficiency, computer vision syndrome, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed/ turned eye), allergic conjunctivitis, diplopia, cataracts, keratoconus, and a host of other maladies. If one has just undergone laser and/or cataract surgery, they help co-manage one's progress.

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