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DST Creative, LLC

DST Creative, LLC




Art is the window into the soul of the artist. DST Creatives paintings and drawings can be the result of dealing with an issue the artist may be having or a statement the artist wants to make, or just something cool  in nature or in his mind. The artists eyes are the common communication denominator in humans. They may not speak the same language, so they can’t always verbalize with some, but they all see the same things visually. The beauty of this is the possibility of connecting and communicating with someone that you otherwise may not have been able to. And with fine art there is the element of pleasure or contemplation that you can offer the viewer that you are connecting with as an artist.

DST Creative can do custom portraits of people, pets and vehicles as well as commercial issustrations for advertising and cartooning. Fine art paintings in watercolors and acrylic are also available.


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