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Korral Kool, Inc.

Korral Kool, Inc.




Since 1981 Korral Kool has been installing Kooling Systems. In 1978, they began the development of the Korral Kool system. Research had shown for years the advantages of cooling dairy cows. But up to that time, commercial cooling systems for cows had never really caught on. Korral Kool wanted to develop a cooling system that cooled cows when it was required, yet leave them with an open shade the rest of the time. The system must effectively relieve heat stress, have a long life and require a minimum of maintenance. In the fall of 1981 they installed the first prototype Korral Kool System in a hospital pen. By that winter they had completed the first installation on a production shade. Since then, they have had the privilege of working with dairymen worldwide to help them solve the heat stress problems that have plagued their dairy operations.

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