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MD Helicopters, Inc.

MD Helicopters, Inc.


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A rotorcraft industry leader for more than 50 years, MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) is building upon a tradition of excellence that is unmatched in the aerospace industry. Tracing its roots back to the early 1950s and legendary aviator Howard Hughes, MDHI manufactures a versatile, in-demand fleet of light-duty, single- and twin-engine helicopters at its world headquarters and full-service production facility in Mesa, Arizona. A Lynn Tilton Company since 2005, MD Helicopters currently employs nearly 300 people at its Mesa locations, and is growing rapidly. The company continues to be a preferred provider of high-performance commercial, military, law enforcement, air-rescue, and executive/VIP helicopters to discerning operators across the globe. The MDHI fleet, which includes the single engine MD 500E, MD 520N, MD 530F, MD 530G and MD 540A and MD 600N, as well as the twin-engine MD 902 Explorer, is world renowned for their value, safety and overall performance.  Three of these helicopters – the MD 902 Explorer, MD 520N and MD 600N – have the unique distinction of being the only three helicopters in the word to feature the no tail rotor NOTAR® system for anti-torque control. This innovative system is used exclusively by MD Helicopters to provide safer, quieter, confined-area operation, making these aircraft proven performers for mission profiles in urban or highly-populated areas, as well as around trees, dense brush, power lines, and cellular towers. With more than 2,500 aircraft currently in service around the world, MD Helicopters is a substantial company by any measure. Fleet users include the Mesa Police Department, London’s Air Ambulance, Afghan Air Force, US Special Operations, Japanese Self Defense Forces, Jordanian Armed Forces, Turkish National Police, Houston Police, Columbus Police, Argentina Armed Forces, the Italian government, the Finnish Armed Forces and many others.  

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