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ZENDEV Strategy Rebrands to StrateZen and Welcomes New Chief Revenue Officer and Transformation Coach

ZENDEV Strategy Rebrands to StrateZen and Welcomes New Chief Revenue Officer and Transformation Coach

1455 E. ELLIOT RD., ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2024 / -- In a significant move that marks the dawn of a new era, ZENDEV Strategy proudly announces its rebranding to StrateZen. This transformation is coupled with the strategic appointment of Alex Simon as the new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Transformation Coach.

ZenDev has grown substantially since its founding, evolving from a diverse service provider to a focused leader in strategic consulting. This rebranding to StrateZen reflects our commitment to continued innovation and excellence in guiding entrepreneurs to success.

Introducing Alex Simon as Chief Revenue Officer and Transformation Coach

StrateZen welcomes Alex Simon as the new Chief Revenue Officer and Transformation Coach. With extensive experience and a holistic approach combining revenue generation, brand management, marketing, and strategic planning, Alex is poised to drive growth, sustainability, and brand success.

"We are excited to have Alex join StrateZen during this company rebranding," said CEO and Chief Strategist Dan Konzen. "Alex Simon's arrival at StrateZen heralds a new era of innovation and growth as we embark on our rebranding journey. His dynamic leadership as CRO and transformative coach will steer us toward unparalleled success in revenue generation and client empowerment."

Alex Simon’s multifaceted role underscores StrateZen’s commitment to holistic growth and transformation. His wealth of experience, industry acumen, and leadership prowess are set to shape the future of StrateZen during this exciting rebranding phase.

StrateZen Rebranding

StrateZen, formerly ZenDev Strategy, empowers entrepreneurs through strategic consulting. Our mission is to provide insightful guidance and support, fostering personal and professional growth for our clients. The pivotal year of 2020 catalyzed a profound transformation, infusing the company with new life and crystallizing its vision.

The founders of ZENDEV Strategy initially offered diverse services, from consulting and coaching to training and video production. However, these offerings lacked a cohesive thread. Through keen observation and empathy toward the struggles of aspiring entrepreneurs, the founders realized their true calling: to be the guiding hand, steadfast mentor, and compassionate coach for these brave trailblazers.

The founders recognized a prevalent aspiration for personal and professional development and a compelling need for scalable, easily comprehensible wisdom and insights. This clear sense of purpose inspired the creation of StrateZen, a visionary endeavor poised to transform the consulting landscape. StrateZen aims to empower entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve personal and professional growth, overcome challenges, and unlock their potential. Through strategic financial analysis, comprehensive business planning, accurate business valuation, effective board development, transformational coaching, and advanced business automation, StrateZen is dedicated to fostering businesses' success and strategic growth.

About StrateZen

StrateZen, formerly known as ZENDEV Strategy, provides exceptional consulting and coaching services coupled with task automation that inspire and empower entrepreneurs to achieve personal and professional excellence. By delivering insightful, easily digestible wisdom and fostering a supportive community, StrateZen aims to revolutionize the consulting landscape and ignite the spirits of countless individuals on their journey to success.

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